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When a girl registers as a member of Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore there is a fee that goes to our National Girl Scouts Membership. What is that fee?

What are the requirements of becoming an approved volunteer with GSMISTS? (You may choose more than one answer.)

What is the name of the document that provides safety guidelines for specific activities?

Is Financial Assistance for membership fees available for girls?

How many girls are required before you can start a troop?

If you have questions throughout the year, who is your first point of contact?

Most Service Units meet monthly to share information and resources with leaders on a local level. Should you as the leader attend?

Of the choices below, which is NOT an acceptable way to fund your troop?

True or False: All health history forms must be kept in sealed envelopes.

If you would like to plan a trip with your troop, where would you find more information?

True or False: A first aid certified volunteer is required at all troop meetings.